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Karzai warns foreigners for interferring in Afghan peace talks

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Karzai warns foreignersAfghan president Hamid Karzai on Thursday warned foreign countries to consider the national benefits of Afghanistan and prevent misusing from Afghan peace process for their own benefits.

He also urged Taliban militants to unite with the Afghan security forces and fight against the enemies of Afghanistan.

President Hamid Karzai was speaking in Loya Jirga, among hundreds of provincial development council members who visited Kabul from various villages across the country.

Karzai warned that he will disclose the main motive of foreign nations presence in Afghanistan, if they act against the national interest of the country.

He said, “If foreigners did not follow our way and consider another path which will have a negative impact on Afghanistan, then we will discuss with you and will take actions to disgrace them.”

According to president Karzai a number of the foreign nations are looking to gain interest from Afghan peace process during the past five months.

President Karzai said, Afghanistan is rapidly moving towards peace process, however the government of Afghanistan takes precautions whenever there is an interference of deal with the foreign nations.

In parts of his speech president Karzai urged Taliban to get united with the Afghan security forces and fight against the enemies of Afghanistan.  “Certain people do not want improvement in Afghanistan, and they are using you (Taliban) to prevent development in your country, development of your family, your children and your home,” Karzai said.

While pointing towards growing insurgency activities by Taliban, president Karzai asked Taliban regarding their growing attack on Afghan security forces despite that the foreign troops are preparing to leave the country.

“Taliban are saying that they are fighting foreign troops. Now that foreign troops are leaving the country then who the Taliban is fighting with with? Then it is clear that the war is against the foreign troops but they are fighting for the foreigners,” Karzai said.

Karzai called coordinated attacks on Afghan security forces a fight against the development of country, as foreingers are equipping Taliban and use them for the destruction of the country.

He also insisted that Afghanistan needs peace and the government of Afghanistan will take all necessary steps to bring stability in Afghanistan.

In regards to bilateral security agreement with the United States of America and strategic pact with NATO, president Karzai said that the government of Afghanistan is carefully moving forward and will not take any hasty decision.

He said, “Foreigners are demanding military bases from us but we are also having our conditions regarding the stability, government and economic structures.”

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