The former Afghan President Hamid Karzai has vowed to step up efforts in a bid to oust the US military from the country following the massive airstrike in Achin Nangarhar against ISIS terrorists involving the non-nuclear GBU-43 bomb.

Karzai made the remarks during a gathering in capital Kabul which was organized regarding the Durand Line.

Slamming the government for allowing the US forces to carry out the strike, Karzai said the move would be a national treason if the government had approved the use of the massive bomb.

He also raised questions regarding the increased US airstrikes against ISIS, saying ‘Why the US waited for two years to start bombing Daesh?’

The former President insisted that the use of GBU-43 was an insult to the country and added that he has decided to take a stand to rescue Afghanistan from the United States.

The remarks by Karzai came as the Afghan government said it was in the loop when the airstrike was carried out.

In the meantime, the local tribal elders in eastern Nangarhar province said they welcome any operations that result into the elimination of ISIS terrorists from the region.

The tribal elders made the remarks during a gathering after the airstrike and sought further airstrikes in a bid to rescue the province from the menace of the terror posed by ISIS offshoot.


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