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Karzai to target further governors in anti-graft fight

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Local government office of Afghanistan which is directly operating under supervision of Afghan president Hamid Karazi and is responsible for the supervision of provincial governance affairs announced to introduce new officials in 40% of the other provinces of Afghanistan.

Spokesman for the local government office of Afghanistan Bashir Bahram earlier said the changes in provincial governance is part of the commitment by President Hamid Karzai towards reforming the local governance.

Mr. Behram said, “I am confident to bring changes in 40% of the provinces of Afghanistan and a number of the current provincial governors will be shifted from one province to other provinces of Afghanistan.”

However the local government office of Afghanistan did not disclose further information regarding the officials who will be introduced as part of the new reform and which governors will be moved from one province to other provinces.

In the meantime Bashir Behram said, “A number of governors will be sacked from their positions but this does not mean that they have not done anything and president Karazi might consider other positions for them.”

He said, “We have sent our audit team to the provinces of Afghanistan and they have monitored the works of the provincial governors. A number of our auditors have not gone to the provincial governor compounds directly and have met with the local residents, government and non-government employees by visiting different districts.”

“We have submitted our report to President Hamid Karzai along with the precise recommendations”, Spokesman for the local government office of Afghanistan Bashir Bahram said.

He said, the reports shows that a number of the governors were successful in their works while a number of them had average performances and some were involved in corruption.

This comes as president Karzai earlier appointed new governors for 10 provinces of Afghanistan and a number of them were shifted from one province to other province of Afghanistan which also included volatile provinces of Afghanistan Maidan Wardak, Helamnd and Laghman where insurgents are actively operating.

The Afghan government said the new changes have taken place in a bid to bring further reforms in the local governance however Afghan opposition parties believe that the changes are part of the president Karzai’s move to pave the way for the upcoming presidential election.

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