Karzai visits WashingtonAfghan foreign ministry officials are saying that important decision regarding the relations between Kabul and Washington will be taken during president Hamid Karzai’s visit to United States.

President Hamid Karzai is due to visit United States on Monday to discuss security transition, political transition or elections, security agreement, peace process, US aid beyond 2014 and Afghanistan relations with the regional countries.

Afghan foreign minister Zalmai Rassoul said one of the main agenda of president Karzai’s meeting with US officials will focus on prevent of economic gap in 2014.

Rassoul said, “NATO troops withdrawal will create economic issues for us. Thousands of Afghans are working on these bases and we should prevent economic gap since unemployment will itself become a major risk for the future of Afghanistan.”

He said, “President Hamid Karzai will also urge United States to specify the need of the Afghan security forces and equipment process of Afghan air force is also a part of Karzai’s demand from US.”

Afghanistan signed a long term strategic cooperation agreement with United States of America and the two nations are due to sign another important security/military agreement.

In the meantime Afghanistan is concerned that the southern and eastern regions near the Durand Line will become militants safe havens after NATO troops withdrawal.

President Hamid Karzai during his visit to United States will also urge to boost the development projects in southern and eastern regions of the country.

Afghan FM Zalmai Rassoul said president Karzai will call on United States to implement inftrastructure projects in these regions including energy, transportation, road construction and railway network projects.

He said Afghanistan is committed to organize presidential election in 2014 and Afghanistan insists Washington that election should be held by Afghans and there should no foreign interference.

President Karzai will also ask United States to assist Afghanistan in peace talks with the Taliban group and that the two nations should have a similar stance in this regard.