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Karzai reveals complete breakdown of trust between Afghanistan and US

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Ahmad Shah Ghanizada
Ahmad Shah Ghanizada
Ahmadshah Ghanizada is the deputy editor in chief for The Khaama Press Agency who manages and overlooks the English edition.

Karzai leaves for TehranThe Afghan president Hamid Karzai, in his latest remarks has revealed a complete breakdown of trust between Kabul and Washington after he admitted that he has not spoken with US president Barack Obama during the past seven months.

While speaking during an interview, president Karzai said that he “saw no good” in the American presence in Afghanistan.

Karzai quoted by The Telegraph said, “This whole 12 years was one of constant pleading with America to treat the lives of our civilians as lives of people.”

He also criticized the way the US aid was spent to Afghanistan and said the money paid to security firms created militias who caused lawlessness, corruption and higway robbery.

“They then began systematically waging psychological warfare on our people, encouraging our money to go out of our country. What they did was create pockets of wealth and a vast countryside of deprivation and anger,” Karzai said.

In regards to the Britain’s role in Afghanistan, president Karzai said that Britain tried to bring better relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

However, president Karzai said that in general the US-led Nato mission in terms of bringing security has not been successful, particularly in Helmand.

The remarks by president Karzai comes as tensions between Kabul and Washington have further escalated after he refused to sign the bilateral security agreement, which will provide a legal framework for the presence of US forces in Afghanistan beyond 2014.

Karzai said that the agreements signed by the kings of Afghanistan under pressure have turned out to be disastrous, and the consequences will be unknown if he takes a similar action under the pressure.

He also said that he was proud of his legacy as Afghanistan is home to all Afghans now. We have a parliament where commanders, clergy, mujahids and women sit together. We have 11 candidates running for president who represent a combination of all Afghan people and thinking,” Karzai said.

“Money is not everything. If you ask me as an individual, I would rather live in poverty than uncertainty,” Karzai said while referring towards the implications of his posturing, saying that Western anger and the cutting of financial aid did not trouble him.

This comes as the US development aid to Afghanistan was reduced to $1.1 billion, after the US congress cut the aid by half last week.

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  1. Karzai works for Taliban and has made everything possible for them to come back into power, including removing all women’s rights gained over past 12 years. Do women want to be stoned, to death, assassinated, beat and raped? No. But that is what Karzai made possible in 2013. Karzai is monster. He tells tales of distrust of USA and Brit’s NATO. He tells people USA Brit’s made no difference. But with them gone, Taliban will soon take back power, give Karzai his own Provence and kill millions of women and others who tried to make Afghanistan a better place to live. Karzai will never live in poverty again. Karzai will die a fat pig with 10 wives which he will beat everyday.

  2. it is shows the evidences when Dr. Najib was on power he was a good ally with Russia. when he was to be remove [sweep] from power he was to be a strong enemy with Russia. when Mullah Omar was in power he was a good ally with all terrorist groups from around the world such as (Pakistanis Militants, Uzbekistan, Punjab, Arabs and other Terrorist Groups) when he was to be finished from power he was resistance with all terrorist groups in 2000 and 2001. now we see those same situations on Karzai. when he got power in 2001 no problems, tension and criticize were there. and he was too much grateful from International community; Specially, from USA he had the best times from 2001 to 2012. with luck of rest on chair, billions of dollar, Land-cruisers, Special forces [bodyguards]. good trips around the world. meeting in nice places and palaces. good opportunities to deposit money in Germany banks and United states banks for his family, brothers and Mirwais Karzai. good buildings like Gulbahar Center nearby Ministry of Foreign affairs. get married with daughter of Shahrani [Wahid Sharani sister] these were all the opportunities by USA and international communities to Karzai. everyone knows these things more than other nation in the world. so it is not good for USA to be criticized by Karzai otherwise it would be a big anguish.

  3. Haron:

    Interesting, but not thinking on your comment/position, but rather Karzai’s constant misdirection in recent months, weeks, days. Sadly it seems everything is somewhat interlaced. Karzai even now misses the good times of his Presidency, the trips. And for most leaders of a country being given a second chance, which is what it has been since finding and killing OBL, attempting to create facility’s, ( with Afghan help) which turned into horrible disaster because educational buildings would be sabotaged or destroyed, by Taliban, or insurgents; advancement of education, and all things needed for Afghans to return to Modern world, Karzai in last years and with more ernest haste now clearly shows a leader with no hope for people he leads. He never fully embraced the duties of his job only the fancy trips and other extravagances.

    However during entire time as both others knowledgeable of the deficiencies of people in his party of government, whom have already conceded that Karzai and his government party were finished weeks ago, in addition to the rest of the international community who must be reminded almost daily that there is a lunatic in the President of Afghanistan’s chair, he continues to invent propaganda meant in fact to postpone his governmental responsibility, his duties. For example in case of BSA, it took him almost a year to finalize a post war security agreement. And all can argue it wasn’t him that did this but others with his blessing. With his mental state of mind clearly on show, he has turned fact into fiction over and over. Recently he chose to recreate a military action according to how he wanted the media to perceive it. MORE recently he removed himself from the spot light out of embarrassment for that foiled USA smear plot, placing Aimal Faizi, spokesman for president Karzai in the spot light. And MOST recently it was Aimal Faizi, getting caught by the New York Times spreading lies that Karzai had been involved with “secret Taliban meetings” which Aimal Faizi mentioned were productive as of late. The Taliban however have denounced that as a BIG FAT LIE.

    So what is really going on NOW? Karzai and his inner circle have been caught in ridiculous stories of fiction. It is similar to the fable about the boy who cried WOLF! As the fable goes Karzai cried WOLF one too many times, and when no one was listening. Then one day when the villagers- USA, NATO, Presidential Campaigners, and the entire Afghan nation stopped listening, the Taliban-WOLF came up upon him and his inner circle and destroyed them ALL.

    THE END.


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