The former Afghan President Hamid Karzai reacted to U.S. President Donald Trump’s recent statement for calling Afghanistan ‘a lab for terrorists’.

Karzai said in a statement that Afghanistan is the main victim of terrorism which has grown and became formidable due to the ambiguous policies and financial support of the United States.

Furthermore, Karzai said the rise of ISIS in Afghanistan amid political and military presence of the United States is a testimony to the fact.

Meanwhile, Karzai said the growing war and violence is not a solution to the issues of the Afghanistan.

He also emphasized that the ongoing war could be ended through peace process, strengthening of peace efforts and making reconciliation process an Afghan-led and Afghan-owned process.

President Trump had earlier said that he wanted to “get out” of Afghanistan, but added he believes the country could be a hotbed of terrorist activity.

Speaking during an interview with the Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Trump said “The problem is, it just seems to be a lab for terrorists. It seems — I call it the ‘Harvard of terrorists.”

He also added “When you look at the World Trade Center, they were trained … They didn’t come from Iraq, all right. They came from various other countries. But they all formed in Afghanistan, and it’s probably because it’s at the base of so many countries, but they all formed and it’s rough mountains and you get a lot of — you know, you get a lot of good hiding places.”

However, he said “I would leave very strong intelligence there. You have to watch.”


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