WO-AA347_KARZAI_G_20100402180842Afghan President Hamid Karzai welcomed the decision by chief electoral officer Ziaulhaq Amarkhil to step down.

Karzai said Amarkhil’s decision to step down from his position was a responsible act which would help the normalization of the electoral process.

He said the electoral process should be completed in accordance with electoral laws and by the electoral bodies, so that the swearing-in ceremony of the next president of Afghanistan should be organized as scheduled.

Amarkhil resigned as IEC secretariat chief on Monday amid fraud allegations against him by Dr. Abdullah, who claimed that Amarkhil was involved in mass electoral fraud in favor of his rival.

His resignation came a day after Dr. Abdullah’s team broadcasted an audio recording claiming that Amarkhil was involved in industrial scale fraud in election runoff.

However, Amarkhil rejected his involvement in election fraud and said he has resigned for the sake of the national interests.

He also said the tape recording was fake and called on Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) to investigate the conspiracies against him.


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