Afghan President Hamid Karzai instructed the Afghan security institutions for an immediate probe into Sahar Gul’s torture case.

The 15 year old Afghan teenager girl Sahar Gul was tortured by the family of her husband and was put inside a dark room inside the house basement for almost 6 months.

According to a press release by Afghan President Palace, Afghan president Hamid Karzai has instructed the Interior Affairs Ministry to immediately step up actions and launch probes into Sahar Gul’s torture case.

The statement further added, the Security Director of the Afghan Interior Affairs Ministry has been ordered to take necessary actions for the detention of those involved behind the torture of the teenager Afghan girl.

Sahar Gul was kept inside a dark room for six months and was tortured by her husband’s family.

She was rescued by Afghan police forces following a search operation in northern Baghlan province after receiving enquiries by her parents since she was missing.

She has been transferred to capital Kabul and is currently being treated and taken care in a hospital.


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