The former deputy foreign minister Hekmat Khalil Karzai says he has chosen peace over election campaigns emphasizing that the current politics hav failed to deliver the direction, stability and prosperity that the nation deserves.

“After honest and extensive consultations, I have decided all my focus must be devoted to the pursuit of peace for now. I am committed to efforts that can help this noble cause. Afghanistan cannot afford to lose any more of its people,sons,daughters,brothers,sisters&loved ones,” Karzai said in a statement posted via his official Twitter account.

He said “The ability to have a fair, transparent and nonviolent transfer of power is important for the entire nation and it is the responsibility of all of us to participate in the upcoming elections.”

However, Karzai added that “However, it saddens me that our current politics have failed to deliver the direction, stability and prosperity our country deserves. Another election campaign alone will not suffice. We cannot hope to progress without a dignified and lasting peace.”

This comes as Abdullah Abdullah said earlier today that he has considered seats for the Chief Executive and his two deputies and that he would be appointed as Chief Executive in the future government of Afghanistan.