January 18, 2018

Karzai insists for fair, transparent presidential election

By Meena Haseeb - Wed Mar 06 2013, 1:20 pm

Hamid KarzaiAfghan president Hamid Karzai on Wednesday insisted for a fair and transparent presidential election while speaking during the third year opening ceremony and 16th legislative period of the Afghan parliament.

President Karzai said the government of Afghanistan remains committed to organize a transparent election in accordance with the international standards so that the people of Afghanistan can elect their future president with more confidence.

Karzai said good presidential election will have a positive impact on the development of Afghanistan and stability of the country.

In parts of his speech president Hamid Karzai pointed towards the Afghan peace talks with the militants groups and said the Afghan government had considerable achievements in reconciliation program during the past recent years, and emphasized that the Afghan government will only hold talks with the Taliban group through high peace council.

Karzai also said that the fourth phase of security transition will begin in the near future where Afghan security forces will control over 87% of the security responsibilities across the country.

In the meantime president Hamid Karzai said investigation process in Afghan jails to find out violence against the prisoners has been completed and necessary actions will be taken to prevent further violence in the future.

He also called on Afghan security forces to clean up their act and end incidents of torture and abuse of the Afghan people. The remarks are a shift in tone from Karzai’s speeches that have solely blamed foreign troops for abuse.

Karzai has also blamed U.S. special operations troops together with Afghan forces for a series of alleged incidents in Wardak province, and has called for the withdrawal of U.S. special operations troops there.

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