December 17, 2017

Karzai government blamed for inefficient political movements

By Jawed Rostapoor - Sun Feb 24 2013, 8:15 pm of the National Front — main political opposition coalition of the Afghan government Ahmad Zia Massoud criticized Afghan president Hamid Karzai for creating barriers to form strong political parties in the country.

Afghan president Hamid Karzai was also accused that such steps by him prevents implementation of proper democracy in Afghanistan.

However political analysts and international observers believe that growing corruption in Afghanistan during the recent years was due to lack of strong political parties with proper working agendas.

The observers also believe that majority of the political parties have been formed by specific ethnic groups and do not working agendas that suites the national benefits of Afghanistan.

In the meantime National Front leader Ahmad Zia Massoud blamed president Karzai for supporting conservative and ethnic political parties or organizations and does not believe in modern political institutions that have been formed by the Afghan people.

Despite the Afghan government is blamed for being reckless towards the political parties formation and activities however majority of the Afghan people doubtful regarding the operations of the political parties during the past ten years and have lost their confidence regarding the honesty towards the political leaders and parties due to the lack of specific programs which can create benefits for the national interest of Afghanistan.

On the other majority of the Afghan people are doubtful regarding the formation of political parties and coalitions by former Muajhideen leaders despite these political parties have been formed with a motive of national interest since Afghans have experienced former Mujahideen leaders activities during the civil war.

In the meantime leader of the National Front Ahmad Zia Massoud said democracy can be implemented in Afghanistan by supporting political parties and movement otherwise Afghans can not expect this from the central government.

He said, “The government of Karzai seeks political and economic benefits in conservative institutions which are not welcomed by Afghan people and therefore Afghan officials including president Karzai do not want that a strong party is formed by civil society and Afghan people in a bid to implement democracy in the country.”

The formation of political coalition by various political parties is not something new in Afghanistan specifically during the election period however it has been witnessed that the coalitions formed earlier were disintegrated as president Karzai was getting close to win the presidential election.

Political observers the National Front led by Ahmad Zia Massoud is likely to face the same fate as it has happened in the past.

According to reports over 100 political parties were registered with the justice ministry of Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban regime in 2001 but majority of the parties do not have members and were formed by a single leader.

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  1. What political party? they are the same warlords, nothing less nothing more organized under new names with no agenda otherthan what they had when they were fighting…

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