March 29, 2018

Karzai doubtful about Washington’s new approach towards Pakistan

By Khaama Press - Mon Dec 18 2017, 5:53 pm

The former Afghan President Hamid Karzai has once again expressed doubts regarding the latest approach of Washington towards Pakistan as he criticized the two nations for remaining reckless regarding the terror safe havens.

In an interview with the local newspaper, The Hindu, Karzai said offered his views regarding the recent US officials remarks about Pakistan and the terror safe havens in the country.

“This is an area of the greatest disappointment in U.S-Afghan relations. We have heard these words over the past 16 years, repeatedly from the U.S on terror sanctuaries within Pakistan. But we also see the U.S talking of Pakistan as an ally, and being protective of Pakistan,” Karzai said.

He also added “During my tenure, U.S officials called the Haqqani network the “veritable arm” of ISI. But what has happened? Now too, they pointed fingers at Pakistan and then within months they gave them another $ 750 million in appreciation of their fight against terrorism.”

The former Afghan President further added ” We have no ill-will towards U.S, or Pakistan. One is our partner, the other our neighbour. But we all know how U.S and Pakistan came together to fund extremist groups in the 1980s during Soviet times.”

“They have long been bedfellows on this policy,” he added.

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