January 20, 2018

Karzai call on religious clerics to denounce suicide bombing

By Sadaf Shinwari - Thu Feb 07 2013, 10:39 am

Afghan President Hamid KarzaiAfghan president Hamid Karzai on Thursday arrived to capital Kabul along with the other high level Afghan government officials after attending OIC summit in Egypt following his trip to England and Norway.

President Karzai attended trilateral summit on Afghanistan hosted by British prime minister David Cameron and later signed a long term strategic pact with Norway.

In the meantime president Hamid Karzai following his  remarks in OIC summit urged religious scholars of the Muslim countries to slam suicide attacks a prohibited act in Islam.

According to a statement released by presidential palace media office president Karzai said, “The Summit, ladies and gentlemen, is a timely step to focus our attention on some of the gravest and consequential challenges facing us today. From the violence of terrorism to the crisis and conflict in several of our countries, to the ever continuing sufferings of our Palestinian brothers and sisters, the Muslim world is strewn with difficulties.”

President Karzai further added, “In my view, of the challenges we face, the most urgent to address is terrorism which poses the most serious threat to peace, security and progress across the Islamic world. In many parts of the Ummah, terrorism inflicts immense suffering, and undermines our abilities for socio-economic development.”

“It is of particular concern for the OIC, as the body that collectively represents the Ummah, that terrorism is committed by misusing the name of our religion. I urge all OIC members not only to condemn acts of terrorism, but also to take decisive and concerted action to prevent extremists and terrorists from abusing our religion and tarnishing its image,” Karzai said adding that “We must prevent our mosques and madrassas from being misused to propagate extremism and hatred. Terrorist groups must not find safe haven, sanctuary, funding or sponsorship in our countries.”

Karzai also said, “Our religious scholars and Ulema must effectively engage in our common struggle against extremists, who undermine the Ummah’s progress and stability.”

In his remarks to religious clerics president Karzai said, “In this context, my delegation urges Ulemas across the Islamic world to take example from Sheikh Abdul Aziz, Mufti-e-Azam of Saudi Arabia, whose sermon on the day of Arafat recalled that suicide attacks are prohibited in Islam and anyone who attempts or carries out such attacks will not be forgiven by Allah.”

Karzai stressed, “To address these challenges, we not only need strong political unison but also sustained effort at raising our standard in human capital and economic development.”

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