SherMohammad_KarimiGeneral Sher Mohammad Karimi, Chief of Army Staff, says that Afghan National Army soldiers bravely fought with enemies but the main cause behind government casualties in Badakhshan attack was “result of issues in leadership”.

Karimi while talking to Parliament’s Internal Security Committee on Tuesday said that arrangements have been made for strengthening security in the country but Afghan National Army has limited support towards the increasing number of terrorists and threats.

Karimi said that Afghan National Army has a strong need for further air support since they are having only few fighter jets.

He added that defense ministry is even using transport helicopters during clashes, adding that they have mounted weapons on transport helicopters and using them during clashes. According to Karimi those helicopters can crash very quickly if hit by enemy fires.

General Sher Mohammad Karimi while giving information about Friday’s attack in Badakhshan province where controversial reports indicate that some 70 soldiers have been martyred, wounded and missing said “Soldiers bravely fought. There are issues in leadership. Commander of the unit was not available at the time of the attack.”

He said around 250 insurgents took part in the attack that was launched on security check posts in Khastak area of Jarom District who also had the support from local villager. But Zalmai Mujadidi a Member of Parliament who is originally from Badakhshan province rejected Karimi’s statement.

He said that including DAESH there are about 600 insurgents in that area while the number of the government soldiers is only about 400. Zalmai added that due to the fear local villagers cannot cooperate with government.

The attack that dragged concerns of the members of parliament over the security situation in the country took place early in the morning on Friday.

Ministry of Defense says that 33 soldiers were martyred, wounded and missing during the attack but members of parliament who are from Badakhshan province shows the number around 70 soldiers.