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Kareena Kapoor achieve “Entertainer of the Decade” award

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Kareena Kapoor entertainer of the decadeBollywood star Kareena Kapoor says the portrayal of women in Indian cinema is changing and increasingly film directors are creating more meaningful roles for them.

While speaking during an award show in New Delhi Kareena Kapoor said, Women’s “roles are being written by new and young directors and they are showing that we are not just objects of desire.”

This comes as the the female lead’s job is to pout and make the male protagonist look good in most of the Indian movies.

Her comments are also followed amid reports that for most part women lead subservient lives in India, and Bollywood’s portrayal of women is no different.

Kareena Kapoor received “Entertainer of the Decade” award in New Delhi.

She has appeared in over 50 Indian films after joining the Indian film idustry in 2000. Currently she is shooting for Satyagraha.

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