Gen. RaziqUnconfirmed reports suggest Kandahar police chief Gen. Abdul Raziq is resigning from position.

An informed source has confirmed that Gen. Raziq is preparing to resign from his position as Kandahar police chief.

The source speaking on the condition of anonymity said Gen. Raziq is currently in Kabul and is expected to present his resignation in the near future.

The main motive behind the resignation of Gen. Raziq as Kandahar police chief is not clear so far.

However, it is believed that Gen. Raziq is resigning after he came under pressure due to his remarks against the Taliban militants where he instructed his forces to execute the Taliban detainees.

Provincial governor spokesman, Dawa Khan Meenapal, said the local government is unaware of the reports and therefore they can can not confirm or reject Gen. Raziq’s planned resignation.

Gen. Raziq is a prominent military official in southern Afghanistan and it is believed that the security situation in Kandahar province had considerably improved after he was pointed the provincial police chief.