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Kabul Traffic Announces New Taxi Color in Afghanistan


On Tuesday, the General Directorate of Kabul Traffic introduced a new colour for urban and rural taxis in Afghanistan.

The Taliban traffic police chief, Hasibullah Mukhtar, announced the Taxi color change during Tuesday’s press conference held at the Government Media and Information Center (GMIC).

Mukhtar said that Kabul Traffic is making this change as part of its attempts to develop a safer and more uniform transportation system for the country.

The General Directorate of Kabul Traffic developed a three-month procedure for taxi owners, and it will be implemented across all of Afghanistan’s provinces.

The colour of urban and rural cabs was changed to blue and white in accordance with the International Convention on Road Traffic, according to Kabul Traffic officials. 

Taxi owners are also likely to be biometrically registered in addition to the colour change. This plan aims to reduce the criminal activity that has plagued Afghanistan’s taxi industry, including kidnappings and theft.

“The taxis shall be segregated from other vehicles that transfer the goods and shipments,” Mukhtar added.

Private cars also carry people in the city with taxis, and these cars have increased in Kabul during the previous two years.

However, it is still being determined how the Taliban’s initiative would be practical and effective for the country.



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