Afghan riot policeThe police forces are fully prepared to maintain security and order of the city for a major protest due for the capital on Monday.

According to the officials in Public Order Police Forces of the Ministry of Interior, the police forces are on alert to maintain the security for the demonstration.

This comes as a number of the prominent former Jihadi leaders organized a meeting in Kabul today to discuss the latest upheavals, including the controversial TUTAP power project.

They have warned that the Monday’s demonstration could turn violent and urged the government to prevent the implementation of the project until the controversies have been resolved.

A member of the High Council of Jihadi parties Pir Syed Ahmad Gilani warned that the country could face riots and violence if the issue is not resolved immediately.

In the meantime, thousands of protesters demonstrated in support of President in southeastern Paktika and Khost provinces today.

The protesters supported President Ghani and endorsed the government’s decision to implement the project through Salang.

They also shouted slogans against Vice President Sarwar Danish and Deputy Chief Executive Officer Mohammad Mohaqiq as well as Karim Khalili for sparking ethnic tensions.

On the other, President Ghani said last week a commission will be given the task to review the power project, emphasizing that there are different views regarding the route through which the project should be implemented.