Zamir, also known as Hodkhail chief of a criminal group, and his colleague Mohmoud, known as ‘Wolf’, was arrested along with their compliance in the Bagrami district of Kabul after armed clashes with police.

Zamir Hodkhail was one of the most dangerous and wanted criminals being involved in several criminal offenses in Kabul’s suburbs. “Zamir Hodkhail and his group have sucked innocent peoples’ blood in one way or the other for a long time,” said Ajmal, a resident.

Last night, in a targeted operation carried out by Kabul police in the Bagrami, 12th district of Kabul city, the perpetrators were wounded in a collision with police and later arrested.

Zamir Hodkhail was responsible for an organized crime network and played a major role in using different tactics in various organized crime cases, particularly armed robbery, murders, and lootings in Kabul city.

Kabul Police seized three Kalashnikovs, a rifle,  one motor vehicle as well as military equipment from the criminal group.

Kabul residents demand the government to take tougher actions against criminal groups and individuals who disturb the security of the city through different means. This arrestment comes days after four members of a government official was brutally killed in the capital Kabul.


  • Nizam Rezahi is an editor and content writer to The Khaama Press News Agency.