Pervez MusharrafThe former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf has said that the Afghan government must share power with the Taliban militants group in a bid to bring peace and stability in the country.

Musharraf has also said that the government of Afghanistan must block Indian influence in the country if it wishes to see peace.

Speaking during an interview with The Wall Street Journal Musharraf insisted that both Pakistan and India must stay away from proxy war in Afghanistan.

Musharraf admitted that the Afghan conflict was fed by the involvement of India and Pakistan in long-running proxy war in Afghanistan.

Defending his country’s role in supporting the Afghan anti-government armed militant groups Musharraf said his and Islamabad’s role in supporting the Afghan insurgency was a legitimate counterweight against its rival India there.

This is the second time Musharraf is admitting Islamabad’s role in proxy war in Afgahnistan. Earlier, Musharraf said the government of Pakistan sought to undermine the government of former Afghan President Hamid Karzai, accusing him of helping India stab pakistan in the back.

The remarks by Musharraf comes as the Afghan officials have long been accusing the Pakistani security institutions specifically the Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) for supporting the Taliban-led insurgency in Afghanistan.

The US Department of Defense (DoD) said in November last year that Pakistan was using ‘proxy forces’ to carry out attacks in Afghanistan and India.

In a report released earlier November last year, the US Department of Defense said the militant groups focused on Afghanistan and India continue to operate from Pakistan territory, accusing Islamabad for providing “sanctuary” to militants of the Haqqani network, a group reportedly considered by Pakistan to be part of a moderate faction of the Taliban.