Friday, September 29, 2023

Kabul municipality official arrested for corruption, misuse of authority

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Kabul municipality official arrestedAnother senior official of Kabul municipality has been arrested by the police forces on charges of misuse of power and corruption.

A source in Major crimes Task Force in the Ministry of Interior, said Haji Safiullah Abadi, head of municipality for Kabul’s 12th police district, was arrested by the personnel of the task force.

The source further added that Abadi will likely be handed over to the Attorney General Office tonight.

This comes as two senior officials in Kabul Municipality were arrested over corruption charges by the Afghan police forces late last month.

The two senior officials were Engineer Mohammad Aslam and Kamal Qasimyar who were arrested over corruption charges.

Engineer Mohammad Aslam Akrami was the administrative and finance deputy mayor and Ahmad Kamal Qasimyar was the head of the Human Resources department of Kabul Municipality.

Akrami was previously serving as the acting head of Kabul Municipality.

The Ministry of Interior confirmed that the two senior officials were arrested based on the evidences proving their hand in misuse of authority and involvement in corruption.

The arrest of the senior Municipality officials comes as the Afghan government has stepped up efforts to reduce the growing corruption in the country.

The Afghan Attorney General Farid Hamidi promised earlier today that a serious and speedy campaign against corruption will be launched in the near future.

Hamidi further added that serious work is underway to establish a judicial center and the people of Afghanistan will soon witness the start of major fight against corruption.

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