A contestant of a popular Afghan talent contest TV show Salam Maftoon looks a lot like Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his fans and followers are surprised at the resemblance.

Several pictures of Salam Maftoon have gone viral on social media since he started contesting for the title in the talent quest TV show ‘Afghan Star’.

His fans and followers call him ‘Salam Trudeau’ and ‘Afghan Trudeau’ while several others have suggested that the singer would look exactly like the Canadian Prime Minister if his traditional hat is removed and dressed in formal suit.

Some other social media users have commented regarding the resemblance of the two individuals with surprise, stating that ‘They are not sure whether Justin Trudeau is from Afghanistan or Salam Maftoon is from Canada’ while others have said that Afghanistan is home to several look-alikes of famous individuals.

Salam Maftoon is a local traditional singer from northeastern Badakhshan province of Afghanistan and is the student of folkloric signer Mir Maftoon of Badakhshan.

He is not the only individual to gain popularity in social media for his resemblance but several other individuals have also gained fame for their resemblance to famous world figures, including Abbas Alizada.

Abbas Alizada is an Afghan Mixed Martial Arts artist who looks alot like the former Hong Kong and American film actor Lee Jun-fan.

His popularity in the media has helped him to play in several foreign movies and has even found his way into Hollywood where he will play a role in the American movie regarding the former actor.