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Journalists beaten, detained while covering protest in Kabul

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The Taliban fighters have beaten four Afghan journalists and cameramen and have temporarily detained others as they tried to cover a protest.

Afghan journalists say that they were not allowed to cover the protest and their equipment was taken.

The anti-Pakistan protest was conducted by hundreds of men and women in Kabul and asked for the closure of the Pakistani embassy in Kabul.

The Taliban fighters have also fired gunshots so that they disperse the protestors but video clips from the scene show that people were still protesting and were chanting slogans against Pakistan.

Some protestors have also been reported to be detained by the Taliban fighters and now they are kept in a basement but Taliban officials have not commented on the issue yet.

Earlier, officials of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan had said that the media are free to work as normal and there will not be any limitation imposed as far as they do not violate Islamic principles and national values.

The IEA had also given a special permission letter so that the journalists are not faced any predicaments during work but journalists are still hampered and are even beaten and detained while covering stories.

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