Todd Phillips confirmed the second installment of hit movie Joker and announced the title of the Joaquin Phoenix starrer to be Joker 2: Folie à Deux.

Taking to Instagram, the Hangover director dropped a picture of the title along with a snap of the Oscar winning actor reading the script.

Folie à Deux, is a French term which means “shared madness.” It is a rare clinical syndrome known as shared delusional disorder.

The official release date for the upcoming film is not disclosed yet, however, it is expected to come in 2024, as per The Independent.

Joker went on to become a commercial and critical success and grossed over $1 billion after it was released in 2019 even though it was made on a budget of just $55 million.

Joker became the most profitable comic book film ever made. Phoenix starred in the original film portraying Arthur Fleck, a troubled man who evolves into a folk villain type figure by the end of the story. The film ended up winning two Oscars the year it was released, Best Actor of Phoenix’s performance as the eponymous Clown Prince of Crime, and Best Original Score. In all, Joker received 11 Oscar nominations