January 18, 2018

Japan pledges fresh aid of $13 million to Afghanistan

By Mirwais Adeel - Mon Feb 11 2013, 8:43 pm

wallpaperThe government of Japan pledged over $13 million to support development projects in Afghanistan. The funds will be spent on development projects at Behsud and Surkhrod districts of eastern Nangarhar province.

Japan ambassador to Afghanistan Hiroshi Takahashi while signing the agreement with the Afghan foreign ministry’s political deputy on Monday said the funds will have a positive impact on the lives of local residents in Nangarhar province of Afghanistan and will be spent on schools, clinics and bridges along with culverts.

He said, “The projects will help to improve the living condition of local residents to have a better life. The students should
have access to schools and patients must have access to health care centres. We are expecting to assist Afghan people in resolving their day to day issues and it will be for our interest to improve the economy of Afghan people.”

This comes as Japan assisted around $20 million to Afhganistan Rural Rehabilitation and development ministry for development projects in other provinces of Afghanistan.

Japan’s ambassador to Afghanistan also said that Japan remains committed to financially support Afghanistan in any sector to improve the economy of the Afghan people.

In the meantime deputy policy of the Afghan foreign ministry Jawid Lodeen said various important projects have been implemented in Afghanistan during the past years in cooperation with the government of Japan.

He said, “The implementation of the projects will have vital role for human resources and economic development across the country. Japan has been one of the major donors of the Afghan government during the past ten years and has implemented major development projects.”

Japan pledged the highest donation for Afghanistan in Tokyo conference besides spending millions of dollars on various projects across the country during the past ten years.

Afghan officials said Japan has spent its donations on important projects proposed by the government of Afghanistan.

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