Japan fresh aid to AfghanistanThe government of Japan has pledged 2.4 billion Japanes Yen, equivalent to $22 million, in fresh aid to Afghanistan.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) said Japan has pledged to support the economic and social development in Afghanistan with the fresh aid package.

A statement by MoFA said an agreement for the aid package was signed by Foreign Minister Salahuddin Rabbani and the Ambassador of Japan to Afghanistan Mr. Hiroshi Takahashi on Sunday.

Rabbani hailed the government of Japan for remaining of the major contributors to reconstruction of Afghanistan in the past 14 years.

He said Japan has been effectively contributing in various sectors since the Bonn agreement.

Earlier, Japan contributed $21.3 million for humanitarian and emergency assistance in Afghanistan which followed days after the country pledged over $63 million to Afghanistan for Irrigation, Roads and Fiscal Support.

Japan has been assisting Afghanistan’s nation-building efforts in various fields, ranging from security to economic and social development sectors including agriculture, rural development, infrastructure and human capacity development. The cumulative Japanese assistance to Afghanistan since 2001 amounts to USD 6.131 billion.