The Jamiat-e-Islami party strongly reacted at the cancellation of Balkh governor Ata Mohammad Noor and other political figures flight to southern Kandahar province.

The party in a statement said Noor and other key political figures were due to participate in a gathering in Kandahar province but unfortunately their trip was cancelled after facing government’s opposition.

The statement further added that the move by the government shows that its leaders are no more respecting the values of democracy, freedom of movement, speech, and other forms of freedom of the nationals of the country.

Strongly condemning the cancellation of the flight, the Jamiat-e-Islami party called on other political parties and civil society groups to intervene and prevent further suppression of some forms of freedom which have remained intact from interventions.

This comes as the Civil Aviation Authority of Afghanistan in a statement said Saturday that the flight was due to take place at around 9:45 am on Friday but the issues in the flights schedule, it was delayed for the night.

The statement further added that the flight at night also did not take place due to the lack of facilities in Kandahar airfield.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority, the flight was subsequently cancelled due to the issues and on the other hand they could not coordinate with the NATO forces based in the airfield.

Noor in an online video message harshly criticized the government for aborting their flight to southern Kandahar province.

Calling the move by the government as illegal and immoral, Noor warned that such steps will have an intense negative impact on the unity of the Afghan people.


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