The acting defense minister of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Mullah Mohammad Yaqoob called on foot soldiers that general amnesty has been announced and no one should defame the IEA with their arbitrary actions.

The acting defense minister has asked his foot soldiers to seriously implement general amnesty and does not mistreat people.

A statement released by Yaqoob reads that some Taliban members have been seen in different provinces carrying out reprisal and have killed those who had worked for the previous government, which is not the policy of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

“Behave well with people, do not defame IEA with your arbitrary actions, stop taking unnecessary photos and videos, and do not enter to government administrations unless you need to.” The statement addressed Taliban fighters.

The son of the founder of the Taliban further added that some commanders of the Taliban have recruited ill-bred people to expand their ranks which in opposition to the IEA and the culprits will be given punishment.

The call comes after some Taliban fighters have reportedly been entering houses of the officials of the previous government by night and kill and kidnap them.