The Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has said it would be a big tragedy if Afghan peace talks don’t make headway.

He made the remarks during a ceremony at Torkham crossing earlier today, according to Reuters.

Khan further added “We will put our best (effort) that these talks are resumed again.”

Furthermore, Khan said Pakistan had directed Taliban leaders to participate in earlier peace talks in Qatar and only discovered too late that talks had broken down.

He also added that his next role would have been to convince the Taliban to open talks with the Afghan government.

The U.S. President Donald Trump called off peace talks with the Taliban group on 8th of this month after a series of deadly attacks in Kabul city that killed dozens including an American soldier.

Meanwhile, President Trump said last week “There are much better ways to set up a negotiation. The Taliban knows they made a big mistake, and they have no idea how to recover!”

President Trump further added “The Taliban has never been hit harder than it is being hit right now. Killing 12 people, including one great American soldier, was not a good idea.”

On the other hand, the Taliban group are hopeful that peace negotiations between the group’s leaders and U.S. representatives will revive soon.

Taliban chief negotiator Sher Abbas Stanikzai recently told Russia’s RT in Moscow “Our stance is that there is no solution to the conflict except negotiations and except peace on the table.”

Stanikzai further added “We hope that Mr. Trump rethinks his announcement and comes back to where we were.”