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Issues of the surrendered militants in Baghlan province

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A number of the armed militants who surrendered to Afghan government and joined peace process in northern Baghlan province criticized the Afghan government for being reckless in resolving their issues and expressed concerns for facing threats by militants groups in this province.

An Afghan militants commander Mohammad Gul who surrendered to Afghan government along with his 12 fighters around a year ago and was previously fighting the Afghan government and coalition forces in Jar-e-Khoshk at central Baghlan district.

Mohammad Gul said that they are threatended to death by the militants via telephone calls on daily basis despite the government is reckless to provide working opportunities and a safe environment which was promised by the government officials.

He also warned that the active militants will prevent to join the reconcilation program if the government fails to fulfill their promises.

Another militants commander Juma Khan who joined peace process confirming the issues of the reconciled militants said, the government promised to provide a secure environment and a good living condition for those who join peace process but the govrnment is now reckless and does not listen to our voice since we are being threatened to death by armed militants.

He urged the governmnent for the formation of local police forces to prevent them from the threats of the militants so that they should be able to continue to a normal life.

In the meantime a number of surrendered militants welcomed the reconstruction projects and job opportunities by the Afghan government.

Abdul Samad Stanekzai chief of the Afghan High Peace Council in northern Baghlan province said that they have started negotiations with the security institutions in regards to the issues of the surrendered militants.

Around 226 armed militants including 22 militants commanders and 204 fighters who were plotting and carrying our insurgency activities have joined peace process in this province.

Report by Ajmal Omeri, Baghlan province.

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