January 18, 2018

Ismail Khan says Dr. Najibullah’s posters should not be used in vehicles

By Khaama Press - Sun Apr 17 2016, 10:57 pm

Dr. NajibThe former provincial governor for western Herat province and jihadi leader Mohammad Ismail Khan has urged the people not to use the photographs of the late President Dr. Najibullah in their cars.

Dr. Najibullah is widely regarded as a patriot late leader who was murdered by the Taliban militants following the fall of Kabul city in 1996.

In his address during a gathering in Herat province, Khan said the people of Herat should not allow the photographs of Dr. Najibullah to be displayed in the cars, calling him ‘Killer of the Nation’.

He also criticized the government of national unity leaders for maintaining peace and stability in the country, insisting that they have failed to do so.

The former governor said he will not wait for the decision of the unity government leaders if the security deteriorates in Herat and warned that an armed campaign will be launched to fight the militants.

Khan was previously serving as the Minister of Energy and Water has long been criticizing the government of national unity for failing to bring peace and stability in the country.

Earlier, he urged the government to get assistance of former Mujahideen leaders in fight against terrorism while criticizing the government for sidelining the jihadi leaders.

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  1. People like Ismail who uses religion as a political tool are no doubt the worst people on earth. These hypocrites are more dangerous than infidels (Kafirs). They have killed hundreds of innocent Afghans in past using the name of Islam. 

  2. It is only the Chief Justice, the president of the country or a leader of very high caliber who can request the nation not to do this or that but I do not know in which category Isamil Khan falls. It is Ismail Khan like people who killed innocent Afghans, looted the country, destroyed the very basics of this country  and humiliated many respected people in Afghan society. Isamail Khan should go and start living the rest of his life with his boss Ayatullah Khomanaye and let the Afghan take sigh of relief.  

  3. This Khan still lives in 1980s. If he returns all that money he stole from Afghan customs house in Herat Province from late 2001 to 2003 approximately 5 to 10 million per month than people will remove Najib’s pic.

    The palace where he lives according to his interview with Tolo news last year he said was gift from a friend? hhhhhhhh wonder who was that friend. Dude, get a life and get a real job and do something better for your people instead of working for Iranian agents.

  4. Pure Iran’s propaganda. He has received more money lately from Iran to say some B.S again.

  5. He told TOLO news that his house where he lives was gift from a friend? I wonder who was that friend who gave the palace as a gift. Khan stole a lot of money from Afghan Custom house in Heart. The only good thing he has done was Jihad Museum in Heart.

  6. What happened to stolen money from Heart CUSTOM HOUSE?

  7. OMG
    is this dog still barking. Tell him the atrocities committed by you and your likes are far more greater than what Dr. Najeeb has done he had a good side also you guys are only worshipping USD and that is all. May Allaah  punish you in this world and hereafter not only people like you. Ameen

  8. He is right
    Najeb was a criminal leader, killer etc..

    1. I believe that doesn’t make Ismail Khan a better person ..Najibullah at least in the end has seen what was wrong and tried to correct it I believe. But Khan and other so called Mujahideen ripped off Afghanistan and killed innocent people (supported by Pakistani ISI and others sides like him by Iran) .

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