According to local authorities in western Herat province of Afghanistan, the Mujahideen Council which has been created by former Mujahideen leaders are distributing illegal weapons in this province.

The officials expressed concerns in this regard and urged provincial council and Afghan parliament to take immediate actions.

This comes as Ismail Khan Afghan water and energy minister and a former Jihadi leader in a gathering in Herat province said that the former Mujahideen fighters and leaders will become operational after 2014 when all NATO troops leave Afghanistan.

He said the Mujahideen fighters will defend the country and implement stability beyond NATO troops withdrawal.

In the meantime local officials in Herat province said the Mujahideen Council has started weapons distribution among the people.

Provincial governor spokesman Mohiuddin Noori said Afghan intelligence officials in Herat province have found evidences which shows the distribution of weapons among the local residents by Mujahideen Council in this province.

Mr. Noori further added Afghan intelligence have arrested a number of suspected individuals in this regard and are under the investigation.

He said based on the Afghan law sale, purchase and distribution of weapons along with the recruitment of the soldiers is the government’s duty and no one else is allowed to take such a step.

Provincial governor spokesman Mohiuddin Noori also said the local government in Herat province strongly condemns the distribution of weapon by any organization or individual.

Local officials said it is yet not clear regarding the number of weapons distributed however they said that an investigation is underway in this regard.

This comes as the Afghan government started weapons collection from irresponsible groups and individuals after the formation of transitional government when Taliban regime collapsed in 2001.

Meanwhile provincial governor Dr. Daud Shah Saba also said certain groups are looking to make militia groups in this province which has created tensions among the people and local government and vowed to take strict actions against those involved behind the distribution of weapons.