Interview du journaliste Christian Neef avec Ismal Khan, ancien gouverneur de la province de Herat et maintenant minsitre de l'Energie et de l'Eau.A prominent Mujahideen leader from western Afghanistan, Ismail Khan on Thursday said that the Mujahideen leaders who helped Afghanistan to become free from the Soviet occupation are not obliged to apology.

Ismail Khan is currently running for the upcoming presidential election and has served as the Afghan water and energy minister before filing nomination as the first vice-president to Abdul Rab Rasool Sayyaf for elections.

His comments were followed days after leader of the National Islamic Movement of Afghanistan, Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum apologized from the Afghan nation for his role in Afghan civil war.

Ismail Khan told BBC on Thursday that he will not judge regarding Gen. Dostum’s decision to apologize from the Afghan nation regarding his involvement in civil war during 1990s.

Gen. Dostum earlier this week issued a statement and apologized for his role in the civil war, and urged all the other Mujahideen leaders to apologize from the nation.

However Ismail Khan defended his role and his companions role in war against the Soviet forces and called it a war for the freedom of Afgahnistan from Soviet occuption.

Ismail Khan said that a number of people who fought for the freedom of the country and were martyred, while a number of people fought agaist their nation, and those who fought for the freedom of the country are not obliged to apologize.

According to reports, Ismail Khan has fought with the forces of Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum following the collapse of the Dr. Najibullah’s communist regime, and Taliban militants in western Afghanistan. However, he was not involved in Kabul civil war.

Ismail Khan categorized the parties involved in Kabul civil in two categories; parties which were fighting for a legitimate reason, and parties which were fighting for an illegitimate reason, and those parties are still fighting in Afghanistan.

Without elaborating furhter, Ismail Khan’s gesture towards legitimate groups were those who were fighting in the favour of Mujahideens under the leadership of former president Burhanduddin Rabbani, and illegitimate groups were those who were fighting against the Mujahideen government.

Civial war in capital Kabul sparked following the collapse of Dr. Najibullah’s government earlier in 1990s, which left thousands of civilians dead and forced millions of others to flee the country.


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