December 17, 2017

ISIS video purportedly shows beheading of Afghan Taliban member

By Mirwais Adeel - Sat Jun 13 2015, 11:31 pm

ISIS behead Taliban in Afghanistan

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist group has released a video which purportedly shows the beheading of a Taliban member in Afghanistan.

The video which was reportedly released by Wilayat Khorasan, a new province was announced in Afghanistan-Pakistan by the terror group earlier this year.

Snapshots of the video circulated online purportedly shows the execution of the victim who has been identified as Saad Imarati, who reportedly swtiched allegiances from ISIS back to the Taliban group in Afghanistan.

Only some of the snapshots of the video were circulated online by some of the ISIS affiliates but the video itself has not been tracked down on the internet so far.

The authenticity of the video has also not been ascertained so far. The footage is released amid reports that the terror group beheaded 10 Taliban militants in eastern Nangarhar province.

ISIS behead Taliban in Afghanistan1

An informed official confirmed that 10 Taliban militants were beheaded in Achin district, confirming an earlier statement by the Afghan army.

A statement released by 201st Selab Corps said the Taliban militants were on their way when they were ambushed by ISIS affiliated militants in Achin district.

This comes as local officials in Spinghar district earlier said ISIS-affiliated militants have set on fire the houses of Taliban militants late on Tuesday afternoon.

In the meantime, at least 15 ISIS militants including their commander Syed Mahmood Hussaini were killed and 12 others were taken as prisoners following a gun battle with the Taliban militants in western Farah province earlier this month.

According to local government officials at least 14 ISIS militants were also injured and dozens of others joined the Taliban group together their weapons, ammunition along with some vehicles.

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  1. Hazrat muhammad (s) said that an army bearing black flags will come from khorasan (present afganistan/pakistan/iran) to help imam mahidi. so every muslims should support and help the black flag bearers.

    1. R u joking man, if i hold black flag and start killing muslims for my personal agenda or foriegn agenda, you will support me just because said by Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)? ,i think you are an adiot who commenting with out thinking, how can you say these peoples are the persons said by the Muhammad (PBUH)? every one knows who is isis and who created them for to destabilizing muslim countries and if isis is on the right path of islam then why they killing muslims ,distroying infrastructure of muslim countries and spreading voilance ,why not they doing jihad against isreal,america and miyanmar ???? 

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