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ISIS, Taliban announced Jihad against each other

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ISIS (2)Mashaal Radio has published a report stating that Daesh and Taliban group have announced Jihad against each other.

Nabi Jan Mullahkhil, police chief of southern Helmand province has told Mashaal Radio during an interview that he has received documents in which both the terrorist groups have announced Jihad against each other.

Mashaal Radio which is related to Azadi Radio quotes Mullahkhil as saying when the matter of peace talks between government and Taliban comes into discussion some intelligence agencies make new groups to keep the war ongoing in Afghanistan.

Reports of minor clashes between the fighters of Taliban group and the newly emerged Daesh have published in the past.

Both groups oppose each other.

Abdu Bakar Al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS has called Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar “a fool and illiterate warlord”.

Al-Baghdadi has said that Mullah Omar does not deserve a spiritual or political credibility. While on the other hand Taliban fighters have been ordered by their leaders not to let Daesh flag raise in Afghanistan.

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  1. Bagdadi told Omar he was a fool and illiterate Omar told Bagdadi to go pound sand or a camel or both.

    Now they are gleefully killing each other over Afghanistan.

  2. have you noticed in all the news pictures of 12 iso countries theres not a blade of green ,thats why theyre all on their way to Europe

    oil and water dont mix

    ,Islam and the rest dont mix

  3. Thank goodness, ISIS can join the list of names that could never conquer Afghanistan alongside the U.S., Soviet Union, Alexander, etc. etc.


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