ISIS map of the worldThe Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), which has formally declared the establishment of a caliphate, or Islamic state, has released a map purportedly showing the areas the Jihadist group plans to have under its control.

ISIS has outlined a vision to expand into Middle East that have fallen under its control and into Europe by establishing caliphate.

The map which was widely shared online also shows the group’s vision to to expand into North Africa and large areas of Asia including Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.

Abu Bakar al-Baghdadi was declared the head of the new caliphate by ISIS under the name of Caliph Ibrahim.

The group demanded allegiance from Muslims around the world and called to swear loyalty to to al-Baghdadi.

The announcement, made on the first day of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, was described as the “most significant development in international jihadism since 9/11.”

al-BaghdadiAl-Baghdadi took the reins of ISIS in 2010 when it was still an Al Qaeda affiliate based in Iraq. He is an ambitious Iraqi militant and has a $10 million US bounty on his head.