The Commander of the US Military’s Central Command Gen. Joseph Votel has said that the Afghan government has assured that the surrendered ISIS Khorasan militants will be treated as war prisoners and not as honored guest.

Speaking during a press conference, Gen. Votel said “I also want to comment on a story posted on Saturday regarding ISIS Khorasan, ISIS-K, fighters who surrendered to Afghan forces in which — in which questioned whether they were being treated as honored guests as opposed to terrorist fighters, suggesting that they might not be held to account for activities perpetrated against the people of Afghanistan.”

He said the government of Afghanistan has assured us that these ISIS-K fighters will be treated as war prisoners.  They have been transferred from Jawzjan province to government detention facilities, where they investigated and held to account for any war crimes that they are found to have committed.

“In televised remarks from the nation on Monday, CEO Abdullah Abdullah affirmed that commitment and President Ghani’s spokesman and chief of staff echoed it yesterday, on Tuesday,” he added.

This comes as hundreds of ISIS militants surrendered to the Afghan forces in northern Jawzjan province last week.

The local officials are saying that nearly 250 militants have surrendered to the Afghan forces after their main compound was overrun by the Taliban militants.