The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria-Khorasan branch (ISIS-K) confirmed that Saturday’s explosion in the western part of Kabul was conducted by them.

The explosion that happened on Saturday, November 13 in Dasht-e-Barchi of Kabul left three dead and six more wounded.

It was first believed that the Afghan journalist Hameed Saighani was among those who died in the explosion but sources have told Khaama press that Saighani was assassinated in the northern part of Kabul.

ISIS-K has claimed that they have planted bombs in a minivan that killed 20 people but the Taliban spokesperson Zabiullah Mujahid had said the incident that killed a civilian and wounded three more happened after the car caught fire.

ISIS-K is now the only terror group that conduct a terror attack after the Taliban takeover on August 15.

The Taliban on the other hand has been underrated by the militants and has claimed to have arrested 600 ISIS-k affiliates in the past three months.