January 20, 2018

ISIS held responsible for deadly Paris attacks, three days of national mourning announced

By Zabihullah Moosakhail - Sat Nov 14 2015, 3:21 pm

paris-1French President Francois Hollande has held the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL/ISIS) responsible for Friday’s deadly attacks and announced three days of national mourning.

Without naming any country, Hollande said the attacks were co-ordinated, planned and organised from abroad with assistance from inside France.

“I pay homage to the country’s defenders who fought the terrorists yesterday,” he said. “Everyone has given their utmost and will be putting in their best efforts in the day to come.”

Hollande called the attack an “act of war” and “cowardly” and said that every measures would be taken to fight the phenomena of terrorism.

“In this most serious and uncertain time, I call for unity and courage,” he said. “Even if France is wounded, she will rise.”

ISIS’s propaganda wing, the Al-Hayat Media Centre, has released an undated video where a militant says France “will not live in peace as long as bombing continues”.

A bearded man, speaking in Arabic, is shown calling on the Muslim community in France to conduct attacks there in case can’t go to Syria.

“As long as you keep bombing you will not live in peace. You will even fear traveling to the market,” he says, according to a Reuters translation.

Eight attackers targeted six sites in Paris, including a stadium where a soccer match was going on between France and Germany, made a shocking night on November 13.

The attacks left at least 153 people killed and over 100 others wounded.

ISIS had reportedly claimed responsibility for the deadly attack on France’s Charlie Hebdo magazine which left 12 people killed in January this year.

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