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ISIS demanded Pak neuroscientist release in exchange for US reporter

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Ahmad Shah Ghanizada
Ahmad Shah Ghanizada
Ahmadshah Ghanizada is the deputy editor in chief for The Khaama Press Agency who manages and overlooks the English edition.

Dr.AfifaBy: Mirwais Jalalzai

Heavy armed militants of ISIS had repeatedly demanded the safe return of Pakistani scientist Dr.Aafia Siddique and few others  extradited to the US in exchange for US photojournalist James Foley and other Western hostages, said a report liked by US intelligence to media .

Mrs.Siddiqui, a US-trained neuroscientist, was arrested in Ghazni province of  Afghanistan in 2008 and found to have documents on chemical weapons, dirty bombs and viruses indicating she was planning attacks against American enemies.

When she was interviewed by American soldiers and FBI officers the following day she allegedly grabbed a rifle left on a table and shot at her interrogators. She was treated for gunshot wounds suffered in the struggle and later sent to the United States where she was convicted of attempted murder and jailed for 86 years.

According to reports an e-mail was sent to the family of Mr Foley in which the ISIS had claimed that they had offered “prisoner exchanges to free the Muslims currently in your detention” which included Dr Aafia.

Dr Aafia, a Pakistani neuroscientist, was sentenced to 86 years in prison in 2010 by a US federal court for trying to kill US agents, targeting US military facilities in Afghanistan and  high ranking US military officers.

The e-mail said that despite offering prisoner exchanges to free those who were detained in the US, the government “proved very quickly that this is not what you are interested in”.

The report quoted the GlobalPost as saying that Foley’s family had received their first message from his captors last year on November 26, asking for money after more than a year had elapsed without any contact.

“After the militants had proved to the Foleys and investigators that they were in fact holding Jim, they made their sole demand for a ransom of 100 million euros (about $132 million) or the release of unspecified prisoners held by the United States.

Some footage released by ISIS, which showed Mr Foley’s killing, also showed militants believed to be British threatening the life of another journalist Steven Sotloff.

The militant, who killed Mr Foley, spoke with a British accent and addressed US President Barack Obama, saying: “The life of this American citizen, Obama, depends on your next decision.”

The video claimed that Foley was killed in revenge for the ongoing US air strikes in Iraq.

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