Tuesday, September 26, 2023

ISIS burns 19 Yazidi girls to death for refusing sex with group’s fighters

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The militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist group have reportedly burnt at least nineteen Yazidi girls to death after they refused to remain as sex slaves with the terror group, it has been reported

According to the local activists, the incident has taken place during the recent days in the city of Mosul in Iraq.

Abdullah Al-Malla, a local media activist, has told the Kurdish news agency ARA News, that the girls were burnt alive after they refused to have sex with the fighters of the group.

“They were punished for refusing to have sex with Isis militants,” Al-Malla said.

Another eyewitness has also said that the brutal execution of the girls was carried out in an open area and in front of the hundreds of people.

The eyewitness said the girls were locked inside the cage and were set on fire in front of the public as no one could do anything for the victims.

The terror group has been attempting to eliminate the Yazidi people as part of its ethnic cleansing efforts.

According to the reports, the terror group has taken thousands of Yazidi women and girls in their custody, mainly using them as sex slaves.

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    • Not if they are islam followers they wont……you don’t get a crown for refusing sex….better go re-read your bible and try again.

    • so those girls had to be tortured to recieve crowns …..so all their  suffering was worth it because the lord who ever you think that is will give them reward in heaven. how dare you say they had to go through all that to recieve crowns.
      how they must have prayed to be saved by this lord and did he no he did not you are part of the problem you and all monotheistic religions 

  1. The religion of peace? History shows that this is the norm for Islam. Whether its burning or beheading its all the same to them. Americans need to take a stand because its going to be happening here! Don’t forget all their past atrocities they’d committed here. Wake up america!

    • STFU get off your keyboard. As far as Islam is concerned these devils will rot in hell forever. When you dont know diddly squat about something, keep your mouth shut. Islam has 5 pillars of faith. look them up to know what Islam stands for and what it means. There are 2 billion Muslims in the world. Have some shame before you insult their religion just because your and ignorant bigot with a big mouth.

  2. Even Dante’s Inferno does not have enough lower levels to accommodate what awaits those that perpetrated this evil.

  3. AMERICA just got a few more gallons of BLOOD poured on their head,THE FATHER said,I’am GOING TO REQUIRE TWO DROPS OF AMERICAN BLOOD for every drop you have spilled in your BOGAS WARS around the world,at the RATE america is going right now,ALL america will not have have any blood left to pay with,AMERICA,DO YOU THINK BEING SENT TO HELL IS A JOKE??BRING ALL YOUR MILITARY HOME,and STOP trying to murder the world with your proxy armies of terror ISIS,all the worlds LEADERS KNOW ISIS WORKS FOR AMERICA….the most depraved and bloodthristy killers in history,THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA…


  5. I want these evil demons burn in hell for what they are doing. I don’t trust any of them and we were fools to except these animals into our cites and country.


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