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ISAF refutes reporting of brutality in Ajristan

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ISAFThe International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said Tuesday that the media reports regarding a large-scale attack by Taliban militants in Ajristan district are exaggerated.

The alliance following a statement said, the International Security Assistance Force has reviewed current media reports on a “large-scale assault by hundreds of Taliban fighters in the Ghazni province” and has confirmed there is no operational reporting that matches these media stories.

A senior military official quoted in the ISAF statement said, “The Afghan National Security Forces have taken the lead and deployed commandos to the area that have stabilized the situation.”

The official further added, “ISAF is supporting those operations with capabilities such as surveillance to enhance the ability of the ANSF to keep Ajristan secure.”

“We have provided surveillance assets to support ANSF operations in Ajristan,” according to the senior military official. “Based on information we’ve gathered at this time and discussions we have had with Afghan security forces on the ground, we can verify that the damage and casualties which were reported in the media last week were grossly exaggerated.”

Media reports late last week stated roughly 800 Taliban fighters were involved in a mass attack in Ajristan with 12-15 civilians beheaded, more than 100 civilians killed and multiple houses burned down by the Taliban and ISIS-affiliated insurgents.

“Ghazni is not the only area where we have seen exaggerated reporting”, said the official. “This has also occurred in such places as Sangin and Nangarhar as well. While there have been insurgent activities in these areas, the ANSF responds and restores security.”

The official went on to say, “While our Afghan security partners are doing a great job in relaying these success stories to the Afghan media, we need to work closer with them in encouraging them get these success stories out to international outlets.”

ISAF continues to stand with the people of Afghanistan and provide support to the professional and brave men and women of the Afghan National Security Forces.

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