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Irresponsible Int’l troops withdrawal will lead to civil war

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Khaama Press
Khaama Press
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Tajikistan condemns the continued rage of violence is concerning in Afghanistan and pledged its support to anti-terrorism efforts in the country.

 Afghan Parliament speaker, Mir Rahman Rahmani met with Tajikistan President Emomali and Foreign Minister Sirodjidin Muhriddin, both officials discussed bilateral relations and that it will benefit the peace process in Afghanistan and the region.

Tajik Foreign Minister hopes for a prolonged peace in Afghanistan and added that security in Afghanistan means security in central Asia.

According to Rahmani a possible transitional setup to solve problems in Afghanistan was not discussed and that ending violence in Afghanistan requires direct involvement and cooperation of all neighboring countries in any type of peace agreement without it peace cannot be ensured.

Parliament Speaker said a hasty and irresponsible withdrawal of the international forces in the country will pave the path for another civil war, and that Tajikistan is concerned about violence along the Afghanistan and Tajikistan borders.

Both Rahmani and Emomali discussed peace, trade, and issues of Afghan refugees, Rahmani added.

This comes as Nader Nadery member of the republic’s negotiating team and advisor to the president tweeted, that After a year of US-Taliban agreement, the Taliban pretended to make peace.  

He tweeted that “a year since Taliban pretended to make peace. 1523 Civilians including civil society activists were killed since then. Our people are outraged by this degree of violence. They want peace & an immediate ceasefire. IRoA pursued this goal faithfully, Taliban are yet to show the same”.

Amid the peace efforts not long ago but recently a magnetic IED targeted a vehicle in Sheberghan city on Monday in Jowzjan province, security sources told media.

At least one civilian is killed and three others are injured in the incident that happened at around 11:45 pm before noon.

The magnetic bomb exploded on a vehicle in the “Hazar family” area of ​​Sheberghan city.

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