February 07, 2018

Iraqi refugee who raped 10-year-old Austrian boy, says it was ‘sexual emergency’

By Khaama Press - Sat Feb 06 2016, 10:57 pm

Iraqi refugee raped Austrian boyAn Iraqi refugee has raped a 10-year-old boy in Austria with police officials saying the perpetrator has admitted to the wrongdoing, saying sexual assault on the child was as a result of ‘sexual emergency’.

According to reports, the incident took place in a public swimming pool in Vienna, the capital city of Austria late last year.

Local newspaper Kronen Zietung quoting police officials reported that the 20-year-old Iraqi refugee dragged the boy into the changing rooms on 22 December, pulling down his swimming trunks and assaulting him.

The man was arrested after police was informed regarding the incident that resulted to severe injuries to the child was then admitted to the hospital for the treatment.

According to the newspaper, the man told police the attack was the result of a “sexual emergency” as he had not had sex in four months.

The man further added that he knew it was “a huge mistake” and said he did not mean to “scar the boy”.

“Such a thing is forbidden in any country in the world,” the man admitting to his wrongdoing said while responding to a question whether it was illegal to have sex with young boys in Iraq.

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  1. He will meet enough inmates in jail who also have sexual emergencies. I hope they hang him by his neck when they are done with him.

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