November 17, 2018

Iranian President visits Kabul, describes Afghanistan an occupied nation

By Ghanizada - Fri Mar 28 2014, 9:16 am

Iranian President Hassan RouhaniThe Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, who visited Kabul on Thursday, described Afghanistan as an occupied nation by foreign forces.

Rouhani participated in Nowruz celebration along with the regional leaders including Pakistani President Mamnoon Hussain.

Rouhani said in his Nowruz address that Afghanistan has been occupied twice by foreign countries, a reference to the Soviet Union in the 1980s, and the U.S. and allied troops who ousted the Taliban.

Rouhani said the occupations by foreign forces have brought the unfortunate seed of violence in Afghanistan, which has damaged the lives of Afghan people and Afghanistan.

He said the Islamic Republic of Iran has condemned both occupations and has helped the people of Afghanistan in both periods of time.

Iran is one of the main opponents of the US-led invasion in Afghanistan and strongly opposes the long term presence of US forces in the country.

Tehran also opposed to a draft bilateral security agreement between Kabul and Washington that would keep US troops in Afghanistan for another decade.

Afghan president Hamid Karzai has so far refused to sign the bilateral security agreement which was endorsed by majority during the consultative Loya Jirga last year.

President Karzai insists that Washington should take practical steps towards his preconditions before he sign the security pact between.

Karzai demanded an immediate halt to US raids on Afghan homes and villages and resumption of peace talks with the Taliban group as his main conditions for the signing of the pact.

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  1. Well did not expect less than this from this stupid man who as a guest insults the host! It is not something new when these stupid iranis talk, when they open their mouth one thing comes out of their mouth and that is bulshit. They have always been rude and stupid and it is in their blood so we dont take them serious so do the world.
    However, it reminds me once again what George Bush said about iran “the Axis of Evil”.

  2. It is very encouraging to see Mr. Rouhani of Iran visiting Afghanistan with the intention to improve relationship with the latter by accelerating business and cultural relationships. It is equally important and helpful to note his stand against violence and extremism in the region. His efforts to build healthy relationship between these two countries should be conducive for the peace to prevail in that part of the world especially when the US and NATO forces leave Afghanistan. It is an opportune time for Pakistan also to encourage these type of visits and efforts to reconcile its relationship with the neighbors viz-a-viz India and Afghanistan. One should not underestimate the magnitude of turmoil one may see emanating from the quarters of outlaw non-state militant actors after the US and NATO forces leave Afghanistan. If Afghanistan, Iran, India and Pakistan have sincere and honest good working business relationship, the joint forces of these nations will be capable of thwarting any threat coming from the militant groups. Hence, there will be a long lasting peace in the region. CAN PAKISTAN THINK ON THESE LINES AND FORGET ITS MYOPIC FOREIGN POLICY TOWARDS INDIA?

  3. Iran needs to be suppressed so they do not attempt to meddle with it’s and Afghanistan’s northern neighbors which Iran is in direct oil competition with. Iran WILL attempt to control another weak Afghan President the same way it has helped corrupt Hamid Karzai, not like Hamid needed any help. (Iran paid Hamid Karzai to give Taliban coordinates of USA special forces military in 2011, causing deaths of 30 soldiers).

    While Pakistan gets gets criticism from Karzai government, nothing is heard from Iran, suggesting current government leader is puppet of that country. Pakistan has it’s share of problems also, but can be controlled by USA and west, and east (China) using economics as a weapon. If Pakistan wants to become an oil nation and wants hydroelectric structures, It needs to eliminate terrorism. Until it does, no assistance shall be given to help it to modernize.

    Afghanistan: IS its own worst enemy. This country needs a leader who not only knows how to lead, but can deliver on promises made. It is one thing to promise what the last man promised but failed to deliver. It is a whole other story to deliver on promises. What is needed to achieve success? Electing someone with a track record of success. Other considerations? Electing someone who is organized. The organized Presidential Candidate will be able to create an organization chart within new government that will effectively allow officials placed in jobs they are appointed to, to succeed in tasks assigned. Current government has utterly failed at this and the only way to fix it is to throw them all out and start over. Once accomplished government will work and it is believed will become capable of either forcing a peace with Taliban, or bring it to its knees.

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