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Iran reportedly hanged around 80 Afghans over drug smuggling

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Iran reportedly hanged around 80 Afghans over drug smugglingAccording to reports at least 80 Afghan civilians have been hanged by Iran over drugs and opium smuggling charges.

At least five individuals hanged by Iran were transferred to north-eastern Takhar province of Afghanistan on Saturday and were buried in Kalafgan area, BBC reports.

A number of the close relatives of the executed individuals said around 80 Afghans were hanged by Iran during the past six months and the dead bodies of at least 50 individuals have been handed over to their families while the remaining individuals are kept in Iran.

Local residents of Kalafgan also claimed at last 700 Afghans have been arrested by Iran security forces and around 350 of the detainees are facing death penalty.

They also added that the detained Afghan individuals were used by drug smugglers were arrested by the Iranian security forces.

In the meantime Afghan foreign ministry spokesman Janan Mosazai said Afghan foreign ministry is aware of the reports regarding the execution of Afghan civilians in Iran.

Mr. Mosazai further added that the foreign ministry of Afghanistan is following the reports through diplomatic approaches to find out if the reports are correct.

He said efforts have been put in place to find a diplomatic solution that should not compromise with the sovereignty of the Iranian judiciary institutions and on other hand the Afghan government should be able to defend Afghan citizens.

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  1. Iran calls themselves Muslims…? They are a shame in the name of Islam. They hang afghan civilians without even a proof and while in jail they give servere and harsh punishments. They have not accepted full Islam that is why they don’t know the law of Islam. Only Allah is to take someone’s life not anyone. I can understand putting someone to jail for drug offences but not hanging him to death! Such a harsh and stupid law! Iranians in their own country are forced to follow islam once they are out of Iran they don’t even accept Islam and don’t even know what Islam is! And there they are hanging innocent Afghans in the name of Islam. Islam is not killing your Muslim brother or sister just for drug offence and that too not even proofed. It’s a shame to call this Islam! Allah states in Quran that I am the judge to take anyone’s life not u! Free our innocent Afghans or Allah will destroy your country. Just watch and see! 

    • Saudis behead people including afghans for drug smuggling. Afghans are nothing but drug smugglers child abductors liars occupiers in Pakistan in the name of refugees. There are 3.5 million afghans living ad refugees in Pakistan since 1980 . All they do in Pakistan is criminal activities. This Afghan community is nothing but ungrateful rats.


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