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Iran Recalls for Inclusive Gov’t in Afghanistan

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Arif Ahmadi
Arif Ahmadi
Arif Ahmadi holds a B.A. degree in Journalism. He works as an Editor & Content Writer for Khaama Press.
Ebrahim Raisi, a candidate in Iran’s presidential elections, casts his vote at a polling station in Tehran, Iran, Friday, June 18, 2021. (AP Photo/Ebrahim Noroozi)

Kabul, Afghanistan – Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, in a joint press conference on Thursday, called for an inclusive government in Afghanistan, saying the country has to represents all groups and political factions.

Qatar’s Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani was also in the joint press conference, where Raisi demonstrated the importance of a stable security in Afghanistan.

“Afghan people must have an inclusive government to cover all political groups and ethnicities and as well as a government that can provide a lasting security across the country,” said Ebrahim Raisi, as TOLOnews quoted.

Several Afghan experts said the establishment of an inclusive government could be a pathway to end challenges that currently exist in Afghanistan, Saying the conditions set by the international community are the demands of the Afghan people.

“Forming an inclusive government is an important factor for stabilizing security and the economy in Afghanistan,” said Sayed Harron Hashimi, a political expert. “Such a government, and women and girls’ education, must be focused on.”

While world leaders, including international allies, insist on forming an inclusive government in Afghanistan is key for formal recognition of the current government, the Islamic Emirate has repeatedly defied the odds, saying its leadership has already taken steps towards such.

“The Islamic Emirate has always been committed to forming an inclusive government and took steps to prove it; on the other hand, it is an eternal issue of Afghanistan and Afghan people.”

International community lays off at least four conditions before recognizing Taliban government: forming an inclusive government, respect for the rights of women and girls and other minorities, as well as that Afghanistan not becoming a haven for insurgent groups. 

[EARLIER: Tehran Accredits Islamic Emirate Diplomat: Report]

The Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan in its bid for formal recognition established diplomatic ties with Iranian government, adding up to the list of at least five other countries who have previously accredited the Taliban-appointed diplomats.

While the Taliban government considers the decision yet another stepping stones toward formal recognition, the Iranian Foreign Ministry clarifies the move limits within certain “engagement” only – not a formal recognition.

“Iran is willing to address some issues via engagement, the two countries share a long border and things like drug and human smuggling happen along the border, so Iran wants to solve these things by engagement,” said Sayed Noorullah Raghi, an Afghan former diplomat, as TOLOnews reported.

“The sending of diplomats between capitals and embassies is something normal … and does not mean recognition,” said Saeed Khatibzadah, Iranian FM spokesman.

Russia, China, Pakistan, and Turkmenistan have accredited the Islamic Emirate’s appointed diplomat in recent months, though all had initially refused to recognize the 8-month-old government in Afghanistan.

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