Afghan senators expressed concerns regarding the situation of Afghan prisoners in Iran and said that Iran has once again resumed hanging Afghan prisoners in this country.

The senators further added at least 4 Afghan prisoners have been hanged in Iran during the past one and half week and their bodies have not been handed over to Afghanistan yet.

In the meantime a number of Afghan senators said Iran failed to prevent approval of Afghanistan-US strategic pact and therefore wants to avenge by hanging Afghan prisoners.

The issue of Afghan prisoners being sentenced to death in Iran has created concerns among the Afghans and political parties however the Afghan government has not taken any step to resolve the issue of Afghan prisoners.

Recently Afghan House of Representatives also passed a legislation that would allow the transfer of Afghan prisoners with the neighboring countries however it seems that the Afghan government has not reached to an agreement with the Iranian government so far.

An Afghan parliament member who visited Iran to resolve the issues of the Afghan prisoners upon his arrival said the Iranian government had agreed to hand over Afghan prisoners whose legal cases have been finalized but none of the prisoners have been handed over to Afghanistan yet.

According to reports around 2,000 Afghans have been jailed in Iran over drugs smuggle and other criminal charges and more than 250 Afghan prisoners are facing death penalties.