Iran’s president special representative to Afghanistan Hassan Kazzemi Qomi said that Tehran has good relations with all factions in Afghanistan and can mediate talks between them for stability and peace in the war-torn country.

Qomi met with Afghan leader in exile Muhammad Muhaqiq and acknowledged that Iran is ready to mediate talks between different groups in Afghanistan to help the country reach stability and establish an inclusive government, FARS news agency reported.

The special representative said that his country stands for peace and stability in Afghanistan and emphasized that the country’s issue be resolved through negotiations among all ethnic groups.

He added that peace and stability are in the favor of the whole world and the region.

The suggestion for mediating potential negotiations comes as the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has never talked of negotiations with any part after they recaptured power on August 15.

The anti-Taliban resistance force in Panjshir province led by Ahmad Masoud was the only group with whom the Taliban wanted negotiations that did not conclude to any agreement.