January 22, 2018

Iran cuts off access to internet by August

By Sadaf Shinwari - Tue Apr 10 2012, 12:51 pm

According to reports Iran shuts down access to internet and cuts off access to many popular websites and email services by August 2012.

Reza Taghipour, Minister of Information and Technology of Iran said in a statement that they will introduce a local Intranet in order to provide clean and filtered internet services to the country.

The new project is set to start next month and it will block the popular websites like Google, Yahoo and Hotmail and will replace them with government Intranet alternatives like Iran Mail and Iran Search Engines.

Other services will remain online until August 2012 when Iran government introduce a full blocking system of the worldwide web, confirmed by Reza Taghipour in a statement.

“All internet service providers must only provide national internet by August 2012”, said Reza Taghipour, the Communication Minister.

He further added that the open internet promotes disunity, crimes, unsound moral contents and atheism in Iran.

This comes as Iran’s government announced its intention to take the country off the grid last July, and this year saw ominous signs of that threat developing as it began monitoring Internet cafe usage and blocking VPN (virtual private network) systems during what were said to be tests of an intranet system.

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  1. This is a dark day for freedom in Iran…they now join the ranks of North Korea with complete suppression of communication with the rest of the world…as the world moves forward they are taking their people backward…very sad for Iranians…

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